King Kong vs Godzilla

heres some clips and things of the king kong vs godzilla


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Konga teaser trailer

heres the konga teaser trailer……..

Konga is a giant gorilla (like king kong)

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KIng Kong videos

Son of kong fights bear

Hers the link to the chanel. click here

King Kong (1933) Color

This is the original king kong in color. heres the link to the channel. click here

King Kong climbs the empire state building (color)

Its from the same chanel as King Kong (1933 color)

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King Kong VS Godzilla as a Japanese movie.

This is king kong VS Godzilla. it is a Japanese movie and could be dubbed.

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Pictures of Kong

King kong VS Godzilla

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King Kong

King Kong is a Giant Ape. King Kong is like my fav movie

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